Can microbes survive on Mars? Our MARSBOx mission finds out!

We tested whether microbes could survive on the surface of Mars, on a collaboration between the Aerospace Microbiology group at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the Aerobiology Lab at NASA Ames research center. The resutls of our MARSBOx mission were published today in Frontiers in Microbiology and you can read more about it here!... Continue Reading →

Space Microbes on the Global Science Show

On Friday 12th, Space Microbes was part of the SciArt special of the Global Science Show on Twitter. I have created a short animated video to tell you more about the amazing science of Space Microbiology. I hope you like it! **

Podcast Trio.logia

Colegas meus da Licenciatura de Biologia na FCUP, Porto, começaram um Podcast altamente! Chama-se Trio.logia e conta com vários Biólogos a partilharem as suas histórias e aventuras durante o percurso académico e carreira profissional. Tive o prazer de ser o 4º episódio! Podem ouvi-lo aqui: sobre o meu doutoramento no Centro Aeroespacial Alemão (DLR),... Continue Reading →

New project logos for the Space Microbiology group

With the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic around the block, there has been time for staying at home and working with Adobe Illustrator. In our Aerospace Microbiology group we have a lot of projects, with different collaborators. Each project is unique and, of course, deserves it's own logo/patch! What do you think of these?

Tom Scott award at ASGSR 2020

I am honored to have been recognized by the American Society for Gravitational and Space Research (ASGSR) with the Tom Scott award! "The Tom K. Scott Student Scholarship is an award made by ASGSR in honor of Dr. Tom K. Scott and is made annually to a student attending the ASGSR meeting with excellent academic... Continue Reading →

Quando pensas em “Extraterrestres” pensas em:

No que pensam os alunos de 7-9° ano quando dizemos "Extraterrestre"? De 12-17 de Janeiro fui falar sobre o Espaço e Astrobiologia a várias turmas do Porto. No início de cada palestra pedi aos alunos para escreverem as primeiras palavras que lhes viessem à cabeça quando pensavam em "Extraterrestre" - isto foi o resultado! Num... Continue Reading →

Coloring book – now in Portuguese!

"Não era fixe se os miúdos soubessem mais sobre micróbios?" Isto foi o que pensei numa tarde acinzentada quando estava num café no Porto. Logo a seguir, tive uma ideia: podia fazer um livro para colorir com desenhos divertidos! E assim foi. Os Micróbios Espaciais esperam por ti! Os Micróbios Espaciais esperam por ti! Podes fazer download... Continue Reading →

Have you ever seen mold this cute?

These are two molds: Aspergillus niger and Penicillium rubens. Click for more pictures! All picutres taken by Marta Cortesão #1 - Penicillium rubens colony in potato dextrose medium. - DLR, Cologne, Germany.#2 - Aspergillus niger colony of a mutant strain, grown in minimum medium. A defect in melanin biosyntesis creates brown spores instead of black... Continue Reading →

A bit too geek – the new website on Space and Technology!

Gathering real space scientists and engineers Bit2Geek is devoted to communicate the latest findings in Space and Technology. Exciting articles are now being written in Portuguese. But the house is also open to international collaborators! Counting with people associated with different space agencies and planetariums worldwide, we want to bring science and the future to the... Continue Reading →

A twitter course on Space Microbiology

On October 10th I took part in the first pan-European online course on microbiology via Twitter. This project was called EUROmicroMOOC. It was created by the "Sociedad Española de Microbiología (SEM)", in collaboration with FEMS - the Federation of European Microbiology Societies. Follow SEM and FEMS on twitter! I am happy to have contributed, giving a ~30... Continue Reading →

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