Underdog no more: Pluto has organics, water and a lot of energy!

“Back in my time Pluto was a planet” and the truth is it has always been a mystery for Pluto since it was discovered in 1930. With its re-classification as a dwarf planet in 2006 came a sense of “underdog” to Pluto, but the NASA’s New Horizons mission, launched in 2006, brought the magic back!

The fly-by pictures in 2015 showed us an awesome Heart ❤ –  aka a huge water ice mountain the size of France, which origin is not yet explained (some geologic process of course :p).  More data in October 2016 revealed many other wonders which bring an Astrobiological interest: organic materials, water and energy!

Below Pluto’s surface was found complex chemistry, some of which might be forming pre-biological processes. Around it, in its extensive atmosphere, were detected complex layers of organic haze, but it is possible to have organics on the surface as well. And a liquid water ocean underneath the surface just makes it all click.

The knowledge about Pluto has evolved greatly, and although, for now, there is no real expectations of finding #spacemicrobes there – who knows what the next 50 years will bring??

Find more at:

And check the pics bellow 😀



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