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Space Microbes is all about science outreach, science art, creativity and chronicles on the many adventures of a PhD student in Space Microbiology! This website was created to let you know a bit more about space (micro)biology, space missions, space experiments, astrobiology research and much more!

I’ll be posting anything from articles commenting the latest science news to personal views on the international conferences I attend, the projects and collaborations I’m involved in.


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If you love coloring – and are curious to know more about microbes in space, there is the Space Microbes Coloring Book. It is perfect for kids, but adults have fun with it too :p


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I’m Marta Cortesão, a PhD Student at the Space Microbiology Research Group at the DLR (German Aerospace Center). On my PhD I am studying filamentous fungi (aka mold) and their morphological and molecular adaptation to space conditions: mainly simulated microgravity (or near weightlessness) and Radiation.

You can also follow my PhD project Fungi in Space on researchgate!


As I am doing my PhD, I am involved in several projects, with different collaborators. One of them is the NASA-funded project called BFS (Biofilm in Space). We will send Penicillium rubens (a fungus) and Pseudomonas aeruginosa (a bacteria) to the International Space Station (ISS) on a SpaceX flight launching mid 2019! You can find more about the project here.


I love travelling, ballet, going to the movies, Astrobiology and everything that has to do with Space Microbes. To know a bit more about Astrobiology, check my TEDx talk at TEDxUniversityofPorto here.


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Are you a Student searching for further opportunities in the areas of Astrobiology, Space biology or Space microbiology? Drop me a message on facebook, instagram or twitter  – I would be happy to help!