Astrobiology Centers and Associations

In Europe

EANA (European Astrobiology Network Association) gathers some of the most important European researchers and educators. There is a conference every year, dedicated to sharing the latest news on astrobiology research. It was in EANA 2014 that I have first truly entered the Astrobiology world. Since then I have been attending every EANA conference, presenting some of my research as well. Find more about EANA conferences.

AbGradE (Astrobiolgy Graduates in Europe) is an association gathering the young graduates and early-career astrobiologists in Europe.

The European Space Agency (ESA) is the main European Institution related to space exploration. Almost by default, all the missions and research developed by ESA have implications and provide opportunities for Astrobiology, although there is no specific department for this field of study.

Astrobiology Society of Britain

The German Aerospace Center (DLR) is the main space-related institution in Germany, and, within its Radiation Biology department has two research groups: Astrobiology and Space Microbiology.

Société Française d’Exobiologie

REDESPA – Red Española de Planetología y Astrobiología

CAB – Centro de Astrobiología Madrid, Spain


Find other European astrobiology websites.


Others around the world:

In the USA, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) established the NASA Astrobiology Institute (NAI) in 1998 as an innovative way to develop the field of astrobiology and provide a scientific framework for flight missions. Find more about Astrobiology at NASA.

The Australian Centre for Astrobiology

El Instituto de Astrobiología de Colombia (IAC),


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