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Since June 2021 Marta has been working as a Freelancer in the design of logos for research groups, as well as posters and educational videos for science communication activities. My work is 2-D and I love to experiment with colors and contrast. As an example of educational video you can see the Space Microbiology video I created for the Global SciShow on Twitter here.

If you like my work, consider hiring me for your next project. Contact me at spacemicrobes.contact@gmail.com with your idea.

Here are some of the Logos/Patches I have created for different science projects and events:

How much does a logo/patch cost?

The honest questions is, it depends. After you tell me what you envision for the logo/patch, I will create a 1st sketch, and send it to you. You will then have the opportunity to give me your feedback for minor changes. I will apply the feedback and send you a 2nd sketch. So, in this case I would be providing you with 2 sketches with the opportunity for 1 feedback (minor changes), for 150 €. The 150€ are payed up-front. For each additional sketch (with feedback) there is an additional 60 €, to be payed after I provided you the final Logo/patch.

In the end, you decide if you want more feedback rounds/iterations in order to achieve the best result 🙂 In the case you are only “browsing” different artists for the best option, you can also decide to have only a 1st sketch (no feedback) for 100€.

Why this price?

When talking prices, please consider all of the resources needed to create a Logo. There is the software – I use Adobe Illustrator, which requires a subscription to Adobe. And there is my time, both for research, inspiration and actual work when designing the Logo/patch.

What kind of files do you get?

For each sketch I will send you 1 .png (RGB), 1.JPEG (RGB) and 1 .pdf (CMYK). By default I will give you the logos in a transparent background. Please let me know if you want in white/black background as well. If you would like to have the orginal/editable .ai file I would be happy to do so for an additional price.

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