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Since June 2021 I am working as a Freelancer in the design of logos for research groups, as well as posters and educational videos for science communication activities. My work is 2-D and I love to experiment with colors and contrast. As an example of educational video you can see the Space Microbiology video I created for the Global SciShow on Twitter here.

If you like my work, consider hiring me for your next project. Contact me at with your idea.

Here are some of the Logos/Patches I have created for different science projects and events:

How much does a logo/patch cost?

The honest questions is, it depends. After you tell me what you envision for the logo/patch, I will create a 1st sketch, and send it to you. You will then have the opportunity to give me your feedback for minor changes. I will apply the feedback and send you a 2nd sketch. So, in this case I would be providing you with 2 sketches with the opportunity for 1 feedback (minor changes), for 150 €. The 150€ are payed up-front. For each additional sketch (with feedback) there is an additional 60 €, to be payed after I provided you the final Logo/patch.

In the end, you decide if you want more feedback rounds/iterations in order to achieve the best result 🙂 In the case you are only “browsing” different artists for the best option, you can also decide to have only a 1st sketch (no feedback) for 100€.

Why this price?

When talking prices, please consider all of the resources needed to create a Logo. There is the software – I use Adobe Illustrator, which requires a subscription to Adobe. And there is my time, both for research, inspiration and actual work when designing the Logo/patch – this is around 6 hours per sketch.

What kind of files do you get?

For each sketch I will send you 1 .png (RGB), 1.JPEG (RGB) and 1 .pdf (CMYK). By default I will give you the logos in a transparent background. Please let me know if you want in white/black background as well. If you would like to have the orginal/editable .ai file I would be happy to do so for an additional price.

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