What happens when Filamentous Fungi colonize spacecrafts?

Today the International Space Station (ISS) is the main crewed, long-term habitable spacecraft. Over 200 astronauts have lived on the ISS, even if just for a few days. Living in space is nothing like living on Earth. Gravity is missing, radiation levels are higher and one could argue about the comfortable interior design. Being an indoor-closed... Continue Reading →

Happy 2017 with Bacillus subtilis! The second Space Microbe to have its Coloring pdf. Check it out :p

Last week I started a Space Microbes Coloring pdf saga. The first one was the fungus Aspergillus niger sneaking into the ISS (International Space Station). Now it is time for Bacillus subtilis to stick to a rocket and go on a Space Adventure! Download here and start 2017 with some coloring! 😀 B. subtilis is one of the main... Continue Reading →

Space Microbes Coloring pdf: Aspergillus niger. What do you think?

Some weeks ago at a cafe in Porto, I was brainstorming on what to do while waiting for the PhD scholarship results. "It would be great if people could learn a bit more about microorganisms. What about a colour book with bacteria?" Well, after some long hours in adobe illustrator, I came up with the... Continue Reading →

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