What happens when Filamentous Fungi colonize spacecrafts?

Today the International Space Station (ISS) is the main crewed, long-term habitable spacecraft. Over 200 astronauts have lived on the ISS, even if just for a few days. Living in space is nothing like living on Earth. Gravity is missing, radiation levels are higher and one could argue about the comfortable interior design. Being an indoor-closed... Continue Reading →

AstRoMap: the one must-read paper if you’re an European Astrobiology lover

If AstRomap existed 8 years ago, I would be a supper happy girl! Now it can help a lot of motivated, yet unsure, young students to actually know more about Astrobiology in Europe! AstRomap is the first European Roadmap for astrobiology research. I find it the one must-read paper, for any person interested in astrobiology and space... Continue Reading →

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