Thank you FCT, crisis and decision-making bodies, you got yourselves one more website!

Everyone is full of ideas, but what does it really take to make them happen? In July 2016 I had finished my Master's, done an internship, finished my year as the educational coordinator of BEST (the most amazing european students association :p), and had applied for a PhD scholarship. All I had to do was wait. Easy no? But after... Continue Reading →

Seems like Chroococcidiopsis is the next Space Microbe, and it likes Mars!

Chroococcidiopsis is cyanobacterium, that survives several harsh environments, and has the potential to produce organic matter and oxygen, making it the perfect "girl" to take with you to Mars in the near future :p Download the coloring pdf here! Scientists have studied the growth of this microbe in the space environment, and it has flew aboard the... Continue Reading →

Microbes love Space, so they hitchhike all the way up there!

When astronauts go to the International Space Station (ISS) they carry within and on them, a whole series of microbes. These microbes don't really care about the amount of clean-up you do - they will just stick to it and survive the ride! So microbes get to travel to Space totally for free. And some... Continue Reading →

AstRoMap: the one must-read paper if you’re an European Astrobiology lover

If AstRomap existed 8 years ago, I would be a supper happy girl! Now it can help a lot of motivated, yet unsure, young students to actually know more about Astrobiology in Europe! AstRomap is the first European Roadmap for astrobiology research. I find it the one must-read paper, for any person interested in astrobiology and space... Continue Reading →

“To properly define life, we might need to find some aliens”

Just read an article on BBC by Josh Gabbatiss on the definition of life and it got me thinking. I truly believe we are very far from knowing everything there is to know. When someone asks me: "And how does that work?" I mean, it is awkward to tell people "well, we don't know exactly". It is difficult... Continue Reading →

Happy 2017 with Bacillus subtilis! The second Space Microbe to have its Coloring pdf. Check it out :p

Last week I started a Space Microbes Coloring pdf saga. The first one was the fungus Aspergillus niger sneaking into the ISS (International Space Station). Now it is time for Bacillus subtilis to stick to a rocket and go on a Space Adventure! Download here and start 2017 with some coloring! 😀 B. subtilis is one of the main... Continue Reading →

Space Microbes Coloring pdf: Aspergillus niger. What do you think?

Some weeks ago at a cafe in Porto, I was brainstorming on what to do while waiting for the PhD scholarship results. "It would be great if people could learn a bit more about microorganisms. What about a colour book with bacteria?" Well, after some long hours in adobe illustrator, I came up with the... Continue Reading →

About Space Microbiology

In the case you have no idea what Space Microbiology is, it studies microorganisms and their adaptation to Space. This is because, although Space is a very harsh environment (absurd levels of radiation, vacuum, microgravity, extreme temperatures, etc.), there are many microbes that survive in Space anyway! Microbes were even found aboard the International Space Station (ISS), and while... Continue Reading →

Hey! I’m Marta. Welcome to Space Microbes!

Hey! I’m Marta Cortesão, a Space Microbiology lover. I hope this website lets you know a bit more about Space Microbes and the research being done at the moment! I’m 23 and I’m from Porto, Portugal. In case you’re wondering how Portuguese names are, my full name is: Marta Filipa Barros Cortesão Rocha Fernandes.  I did my... Continue Reading →

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