Quando pensas em “Extraterrestres” pensas em:

No que pensam os alunos de 7-9° ano quando dizemos "Extraterrestre"? De 12-17 de Janeiro fui falar sobre o Espaço e Astrobiologia a várias turmas do Porto. No início de cada palestra pedi aos alunos para escreverem as primeiras palavras que lhes viessem à cabeça quando pensavam em "Extraterrestre" - isto foi o resultado! Num... Continue Reading →

Coloring book – now in Portuguese!

Os Micróbios Espaciais esperam por ti! Podes fazer download do livro para colorir do Space Microbes, agora em Português! Faz download aqui! Podes imprimir e começar a colorir num instante! Para isso: Imprime a primeira página a coresImprime as páginas 2-11 a preto e branco; frente e verso (a virar pelo lado mais curto)Ta Dam!... Continue Reading →

Have you ever seen mold this cute?

These are two molds: Aspergillus niger and Penicillium rubens. Click for more pictures! All picutres taken by Marta Cortesão #1 - Penicillium rubens colony in potato dextrose medium. - DLR, Cologne, Germany.#2 - Aspergillus niger colony of a mutant strain, grown in minimum medium. A defect in melanin biosyntesis creates brown spores instead of black... Continue Reading →

A bit too geek – the new website on Space and Technology!

Gathering real space scientists and engineers Bit2Geek is devoted to communicate the latest findings in Space and Technology. Exciting articles are now being written in Portuguese. But the house is also open to international collaborators! Counting with people associated with different space agencies and planetariums worldwide, we want to bring science and the future to the... Continue Reading →

A twitter course on Space Microbiology

On October 10th I took part in the first pan-European online course on microbiology via Twitter. This project was called EUROmicroMOOC. It was created by the "Sociedad Española de Microbiología (SEM)", in collaboration with FEMS - the Federation of European Microbiology Societies. Follow SEM and FEMS on twitter! More than 20 scientists have contributed to the online course.... Continue Reading →

Are you Anti Antimicrobial Resistance?

I would like to introduce you to Emily Seto, a Planetary Protection Engineer at JPL, NASA who cares deeply about antibiotic resistance. She is selling these cool t-shirts for 20$ (approx. 17€) to help the Children's Hospital Los Angeles  - all the money goes to them! These are Emily's words: "I worked at a children’s hospital and public... Continue Reading →

An inside view of a space project

Today's space exploration goals are ever more similar to a Star Trek scenario: we are aiming far, to go where no one has gone before. But the longer the space missions, the most likely it is something goes wrong. To make sure we are successful, our technology and science need to be aligned, and that involves... Continue Reading →

What happens when Filamentous Fungi colonize spacecrafts?

Today the International Space Station (ISS) is the main crewed, long-term habitable spacecraft. Over 200 astronauts have lived on the ISS, even if just for a few days. Living in space is nothing like living on Earth. Gravity is missing, radiation levels are higher and one could argue about the comfortable interior design. Being an indoor-closed... Continue Reading →

Why we explore Space

On the XVI century, bold sailors would go out to the unknown sea, facing storms, hunger and mysterious diseases. Kingdoms spent an outrageous amount of time, money and human resources to make their boats go faster and further. All of this meant betting on science and engineering, gathering smart, hardworking people who would lead, learn,... Continue Reading →

Astromycology: I love it, Star Trek loves it, the whole world will love it!

Astromycology, the study of fungi in space, is the new trendy science as the new tv series of Start Trek: Discovery casted Anthony Rapp to play an officer who's speciality is - you guessed it: astromycology. Well, this is good news! Even if the show fails in sientific accuracy, one cannot complain about the promotion of their own field of work.... Continue Reading →

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