Fossils of the first microbes on Earth? Maybe. And they can be very similar to what we may find on Mars!

At first sight, the microfossils found in ~4.28 billion-year-old rocks in Quebec are no more than tiny filaments and tubes. But on a closer look they can be records of the first microbes on Earth, and this means life on Earth could have emerged much sooner than what we thought! These results were published in Nature yesterday... Continue Reading →

Underdog no more: Pluto has organics, water and a lot of energy!

"Back in my time Pluto was a planet" and the truth is it has always been a mystery for Pluto since it was discovered in 1930. With its re-classification as a dwarf planet in 2006 came a sense of "underdog" to Pluto, but the NASA's New Horizons mission, launched in 2006, brought the magic back! The fly-by... Continue Reading →

Seven new Earth-like planets, and three of them might have liquid water! Which #spacemicrobes might there be?

Seven Earth-size rocky planets were discovered, 40 light-years away, as part of the TRAPPIST-1 planetary System. This system is similar to our own solar system, but the star (Trappist-1) is much smaller than the sun - it's a dwarf-star - and the seven planets are in a much closer orbit around Trappist-1 - you can... Continue Reading →

Astrobiology at TEDxUniversity of Porto #spacemicrobes

On the 18th of February I got the chance to talk about Astrobiology to >500 people at TEDx University of Porto! What an amazing experience! It was a day full of interesting ideas, high-thinking conversations and powerful networking.  The video of the talk is on youtube, you can see it here. All the speakers had the chance... Continue Reading →

How not to get caught up in Media “false news” #fakenews

I admit I already got used to be very skeptical with everything I read, but the truth is that it is very easy to believe in anything that shows up right in front of you in a news feed - why wouldn't you?  However, over time and with a little practice, it becomes easier to stop... Continue Reading →

Two free online courses that can help you know more about human spaceflight and astrobiology!

Online courses are trendy, but not every course is engaging and easy to follow. I have tried some of them and found two free courses that can really help you know more about astrobiology and spaceflight: Astrobiology and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life (Coursera), and Human Spaceflight: an Introduction (edX). I leave you with more details on... Continue Reading →

Anabaena cylindrica might grow up to be every astronauts’ best friend!

When it comes to deciding what microbes to bring with you to a space exploration journey, there is one little fellow that has been working hard to get chosen. Meet Anabaena cylindrica  - the Space Microbe that loves multitasking  - and it has its coloring pdf right here! In the right context, this microbe can produce compounds that are essential... Continue Reading →

Thank you FCT, crisis and decision-making bodies, you got yourselves one more website!

Everyone is full of ideas, but what does it really take to make them happen? In July 2016 I had finished my Master's, done an internship, finished my year as the educational coordinator of BEST (the most amazing european students association :p), and had applied for a PhD scholarship. All I had to do was wait. Easy no? But after... Continue Reading →

Seems like Chroococcidiopsis is the next Space Microbe, and it likes Mars!

Chroococcidiopsis is cyanobacterium, that survives several harsh environments, and has the potential to produce organic matter and oxygen, making it the perfect "girl" to take with you to Mars in the near future :p Download the coloring pdf here! Scientists have studied the growth of this microbe in the space environment, and it has flew aboard the... Continue Reading →

Microbes love Space, so they hitchhike all the way up there!

When astronauts go to the International Space Station (ISS) they carry within and on them, a whole series of microbes. These microbes don't really care about the amount of clean-up you do - they will just stick to it and survive the ride! So microbes get to travel to Space totally for free. And some... Continue Reading →

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