Are you Anti Antimicrobial Resistance?

I would like to introduce you to Emily Seto, a Planetary Protection Engineer at JPL, NASA who cares deeply about antibiotic resistance. She is selling these cool t-shirts for 20$ (approx. 17€) to help the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles  – all the money goes to them!

These are Emily’s words:

“I worked at a children’s hospital and public health lab where antibiotic resistance ran rampant. There were patients who did not have treatment for the simplest bacterial infections and waited in their hospital beds for pharmaceutical companies to invest in drug development for treatment. During my time in these labs, I was devoted to learning about antibiotic resistance until one day, I decided to go abroad to explore this problem and received my Masters in Clinical Microbiology. Antibiotic resistance occurs when bacteria develop the ability to overcome drugs that are designed to eliminate them. With passing time and lack of resources for research, there is going to be reduced treatment of even the most common diseases and the proximity between patients in the hospital will lead to increased transfer and mutation rate of a disease. Currently, I may be immersed in space microbiology but I am still passionate about helping these patients. My goal with these t-shirts is to help provide a small amount of financial help towards research to fight antibiotic resistance and hopefully make an impact. Your contribution will go towards patients with Antibiotic Resistance at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.”

–  Emily Seto

Help us by buying a t-shirt Here.

Share, comment, help us reach as many people as possible! You can also contact Emily at:



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