Thank you FCT, crisis and decision-making bodies, you got yourselves one more website!

Everyone is full of ideas, but what does it really take to make them happen?

In July 2016 I had finished my Master’s, done an internship, finished my year as the educational coordinator of BEST (the most amazing european students association :p), and had applied for a PhD scholarship. All I had to do was wait. Easy no?

But after 23 years in constant movement (from test to test, from school to school, from activity to activity) always in a routine, to suddenly stop and “just wait”, can be hard. Slowly I began to get used to it. To make plans for myself, to force myself to wake up at decent hours, to come up with tasks and activities that will help me grow. I ended up having a lot of things to do: going to a Conference in Athens, working at a warehouse in Belgium, applying to more PhD scholarships (always fun :p), etc.

In the meantime, I had my mind set on something that would allow me to share science and maybe “recruit” some people to the “dark side” (aka Astrobiology, we also have cookies!). So I started looking for cool templates in wordpress, and drafting a logo in adobe illustrator (one of my best friends for some years now). I had the website page created and for months, I would just go there, change the cover photo, update the logo and go back to my normal life.

One day I thought of the coloring book with bacteria, and it hit me – I really wanted to dedicate myself to this!

I must say it took me a long while to bring this website public – aiming for perfection doesn’t really get things going.  But several logos later – here I am. Still waiting, but happily waiting because I got to do something I wanted to. Thank you FCT for delaying the results, and thank you world crisis and decision-making bodies for not funding Science Research as much as you should. You got yourselves one more website!



The evolution of The Chronicles of Space Microbes logo.


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  1. Life is made of ups and downs, the secret is how we deal with those times … 🙂 Bring it on!!!!!


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